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"10 Second Interval"

Erika has been coming to Manic EG practically since day 1. The first few weeks, we would have to help her up off the floor. One day she told me she didn’t need the assist, and never have we helped her up again. And since her replacement, she’s BETTER!

She is truly an inspiration to US ALL. Below is her testimonial, unedited, titled...

10 Second Interval:

When something is free its grabs my attention. So when my daughter Beth told me about Manic Training, a free week at the gym, I figured “maybe”. Little did I know this would become my way of life 3 times a week.

It started in December of 2013. I felt chunky and tired all the time, and scared. My husband Richard had Alzheimer’s and I was afraid I wouldn’t stay strong enough to take care of him (both mentally and physically). He went to Tamarisk (day care) 3 days a week (Mon, Wed and Friday), so when the gym issue came up, those were the days Beth suggested. “It’s only 45 minute’s mom, and it may help you”. I was doubtful but I said ok, I’d try it. At least it might get my mind off things.

The first time I went, I thought I was going to “die”. Mike, the trainer, had to help me off the floor! “That’s what we’re here for” he’d say. And help he did – encouragement is a great stimulant. “You’re doing great!” “You can do it.” “We’re here to help you, only 10 seconds left.” I went home and took a nap.

When I picked up Richard from Tamarisk, I was a bit sore but felt I had started to do something that might help “me”. I had started on a Monday, so when Wednesday came I was trying to find an excuse not to go. But Beth wouldn’t hear of it. “You’re going mom! I need you with me!” Well, being co-dependent and a mom, what could I say? I can’t say the second time was easy, it wasn’t, but I still felt good after. Another nap was due.

Each time I went it got a little bit easier. Not that I didn’t look for excuses at times, but we went. On October 30th, 2014 my husband died. Stress was at its max. After some time I decided to go back to the gym. I needed some routine in my life. Since I had been going for almost a year, Mike and Julie, the trainers, had become like family to me. On Thanksgiving morning (2014) my daughter Beth, my granddaughter Virineja, and Beth’s future husband Nick decided to go to the 7am class before the big meal. Well the big meal didn’t happen. I was doing a warmup exercise, the side shuffle, and I fell and landed on my right hip. I spent the holiday at South County Hospital. I spent 3 days in the hospital after a total hip replacement, and one week at St. Elizabeth’s for rehab.

The doctors and staff were amazed at my progress. They attributed it all to my exercising. Between the loss of my “love” and the “hip”, I spent the next few weeks recovering at home. Oh! I forgot to mention that 2 weeks before my husband died, our husky “Bailey”, who was 16 ½ died. (Just in case you thought I didn’t have enough stress) But I digress. Around 9 weeks after my surgery, Beth “helped” me decide to go back to Manic. I went, and to my surprise, I felt better. Of course my routines were monitored carefully and set to my pace. Mike and Julie never rush you. They are there to help.

By the way, Julie’s mom Isabelle exercises with me (we’re usually in groups). It’s really fun. Like I said, it’s like family. Oh, by the way, I’m 71 and Isabelle is 84. She does great!

Erika Liebrich
Manic East Greenwich Member


Phone 401.884.1300
Address 3377 South County Tr
East Greenwich, Rhode Island 02818